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Alma Natura

Mu Er - Wood Ear Mushroom

Mu Er - Wood Ear Mushroom

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Daodi Culinary Herbs:

WoodEar Mushroom - Mu Er 100g

Guaranteed flavour, quality and authenticity to advance your natural health and wellbeing

Please note: Our Mu Er is from the North of China. It is a smaller, more nourishing mushroom compared to the other Wood Ear Mushrooms from South China. DaoDi Mu Er is perfect in soups and broths.

Wood Ear mushrooms are a species of edible Auricularia Auricula Fungus found worldwide. Known as 'Jelly Ear' or 'Mu Er', these are popular for adding texture to soups and stir-fry and absorbing flavours. The Asian fungus is often added to Chinese hot and sour soup to add texture and to Szechwan cuisine to soak up their spicier flavours.

- Rich in fibre, iron and Vitamin B2, C and D which helps support the immune system
- Contain high levels of iron, selenium, zinc and copper
- Full of fibre and large amounts of calcium
- Can assist with anti-cancer properties
- May help lower cholesterol
- Can help with blood clotting
Wood Ear is usually black with no caps or stems - unlike most mushrooms. They are sometimes known as cloud ear, tree ear or black fungus and most commonly sold dried. Their crunchy texture and dark, velvety colour add an unusual element to even the most basic dish.
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