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Alma Natura

Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang

Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang

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Benefits may include:

- Can help transforming phlegm

- May assist with strengthening of the spleen

- Can help harmonise the stomach 

- May assist mental health disorders

- Can help relieve vomiting

- May assist in rectifying the lung and soothe the liver

- Can help improve mood 

Indications according to traditional Chinese medicine: Ban Xia Hou Po Tang is indicated for foreign body sensation in the throat that cannot be spat out or swallowed, fullness and tightness in the chest and diaphragm, churning in the stomach, abdominal distension, slight distension in the lower abdomen although the abdomen is generally soft, coughing, vomiting, symptoms aggravated by stress, dyspnoea, palpitations, anxiety, irritability, hiccups, belching, white and moist or white and slippery tongue coating, ropey and moderate or ropey and slippery pulse. This formula can be used in hysteria, neurasthenia, gastritis, gastric neurosis, nervous vomiting, vomiting in pregnancy, oesophageal spasm, pharyngeal neurosis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and oesophageal spasm, etc., if signs of overpressure and knotting of mucus and qi are present. 

Aura Health & Wellbeing is a range of functional teas and dietary supplements inspired by Chinese herbal remedies to promote good health. Our supplements are created using decocted methods of manufacturing (mixing them with water, alcohol or oil).

These products contain a 5:1 concentration ratio, with 180g of herbs used in each bottle. 

Aura Herbal Supplements have a 4-9x higher concentration ratio than other brands. 

Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang 半夏厚朴汤

60 tablets per bottle, each tablet contains 600mg.

A daily dosage of 4 tablets contains:

  • Cortex magnoliae officinalis (Hou Po) 494 mg
  • Folium perillae (Zi Su Ye) 269 mg
  • Poria (Fu Ling) 673 mg
  • Rhizoma pinelliae praeparatae (Fa Ban Xia) 673 mg
  • Rhizoma zingiberis recens (Sheng Jiang) 135 mg

Tabletted with: Hypromellose, Magnesium stearate, Sodium silicate, Polyethylene glycate

Registered dietary supplement, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Herbs grown using DaoDi concept. Non-sulpher treated.  

For advice on how to take this supplement, please consult a qualified herbalist.

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