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Alma Natura

Hong Zao - Red Jujube

Hong Zao - Red Jujube

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Daodi Culinary Herbs:

Jujube Date - Hong Zao 100g

Guaranteed flavour, quality and authenticity to advance your natural health and wellbeing

The Chinese red date (Hong Zao), also known as the Jujube date, originated from China and has been cultivated for 4000 years. Today, this sweet treat is grown throughout China, the Middle East, northern Africa and even in southern Europe. They range from the size of an olive to a chicken egg - giant jujube dates have more flesh and are often stuffed with a walnut as a delicious snack. Jujube dates have a crisp red skin, and then a soft, spongy centre that is sweet and slightly tart. These crimson delights can be eaten fresh or can be used in cooking, soups, desserts, sweet tea and even in herbal medicine!

- High source of Vitamin A, B and C
- May assist boosting of the immune system and help fighting infections
- Contains plenty of magnesium and calcium
- Can help with treating insomnia
- May assist treating anaemia, muscle weakness, fatigue, lightheadedness and QI deficiency
- Rich in Cyclic AMP which is important in energy production within cells
- May help constipation
- High in fibre
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