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Lian Zi(Bai) - Lotus Seeds

Lian Zi(Bai) - Lotus Seeds

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Lotus Seeds -Lian Zi (Bai) 100g

The lotus, a beautiful flower that floats on the surface of lakes and ponds, has been used throughout Asia for centuries, both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Its seeds, called Lian Zi in Chinese, are astringent in nature and sweet and sour in flavor.

They circulate in the heart, spleen and kidney channels. Used in herbal teas or soups, Lian Zi is known for its astringent, nourishing and soothing effect.

Benefits of Lian Zi include:

- Helps strengthen the spleen and stops diarrhea and vaginal discharge

- Helps strengthen the kidneys and combats premature ejaculation

- Nourishes the blood, soothes the mind and promotes sleep

- Rich in antioxidants, prevents premature aging of the body

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