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Alma Natura

A-Type Aluminium Acupuncture Needle (5 in 1) 0.25 x 25mm

A-Type Aluminium Acupuncture Needle (5 in 1) 0.25 x 25mm

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A-Type acupuncture needles feature a Chinese style coiled handle with a loop. The handle is made from aluminum which makes the needle lighter and easier to manipulate.

Aluminium Alloy Handle 5in1 Guide Tube, 0.25x25mm Our A-Type Series is available in  500 needles per box. Theses aluminium handled needles are lightweight and generally suitable for more sensitive patients. The aluminium alloy spring handle is non-tarnishing and is prevented from discolouration. Each pack has extended medical sealing paper for easy peeling. Easy-to-detach perforations. 5 needles per flat with Finger-saver feature. NA needles are available as single in a guide tube or as 5 in 1 guide tube. Triple polished and silicone coated.
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