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Yin Er - Tremella Mushroom

Yin Er - Tremella Mushroom

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Daodi Culinary Herbs:

Tremella Mushroom - Yin Er 50g

Guaranteed flavour, quality and authenticity to advance your natural health and wellbeing

Please note: this package just contains the edges of the mushroom. The whole mushroom is extremely large and the root is rather tasteless, so our DaoDi Yin Er just contains the tasty, fleshy parts of the mushroom.

Tremella Mushroom (also known as silver ear/snow ear/white jelly mushroom) is very popular in Chinese cuisine for it's healing properties and is known to beautify the skin. It is widely used in Asia as a Qi and immune tonic.

The Tremella Mushroom has many different names such as; silver ear, snow ear and white jelly mushroom. Studies have proven that tremella is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats. As well as crude fibre and a variety of salts and vitamins - which contain 18 kinds of amino acids.

Tremella Mushroom contains the highest level of the natural whole food form of Vitamin D among known food sources.

- May help to beautify the skin
- Can assist with lowering blood glucose and cholesterol
- May be used to protect against radiation
- Can help boost the body's antioxidant levels
- May assist the treatment of asthma, dry cough and heat in the lungs
- High in Vitamin D
- Contains 18 kinds of amino acids
- May help benefit the skin and enhance 'beauty'
- Can assist in nourishing the lung, stomach, kidney, strengthening bones and maintaining ideal weight
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